Castelporziano: Dive into the Nature

With its extraordinary wealth of natural and historical features, the presidential Estate of Castelporziano offers an unusual and evocative itinerary.


Durability over time and the elegance of a national state reserve, the Castelporziano Estate, one of the residences of the President of the Italian Republic, is a unique area in the world. It is located along Via Cristoforo Colombo, the road that connects the capital to Ostia, and covers an area of about 60 square kilometres, including just over 3 km of pristine beach.

Open to the public since 2016, the Estate can be visited via various thematic routes; it is a valuable treasure chest that is home to most of the coastal Mediterranean ecosystems, such as sand dunes, holm oaks, pine forests, oak woods, cork oaks and pastures, as well as unique abundance of wildlife species.

There is more to it than nature, though. The Estate is a place rich in history, having been inhabited by man since prehistoric times. The archaeological itinerary winds through the imperial villa, the Roman aqueduct and the fountain. If you choose the historic-artistic route, on the other hand, you will pass through the doors of the Castle, a historical residence and home to the Historical Archaeological Museum, and you can visit the Church of San Filippo Neri, the limonaia, the historic garden of the Queen with its ancient mosaics, the roseto and the carriage pavilion.