Luxury Green

New generation technology, aerodynamic lines, elegantly ingenious interiors: sustainable luxury travels on four wheels.


According to a study by The Boston Consulting Group, electric cars will conquer 50% of the global market by 2030. If you think about it carefully, that’s not far away: after all, it is only 12 years. And if, in view of an increasingly sustainable future, we are looking forward to the PF0 electric hyper car proposed by Automobili Pininfarina, the prototype of which will be presented in 2019 (to then go into production the following year), to date there are several car manufacturers engaged in manufacturing models that blend luxury and respect for the environment, without sacrificing performance.

A successful marriage between e-mobility and cutting-edge design is represented by the gritty BMW i8 Roadster, a hybrid plug-in that combines two engines, electric and combustion, with extremely low fuel consumption and emissions CO2. A new sports car concept with an updated version of the hybrid powertrain, which develops a total power of 374 hp.

On the other hand, Jaguar is presenting the first fully electric high performance SUV. Zero emissions, sophisticated design and high performance make I-Pace the sports car of the future. It has two permanent magnet synchronous electric motors, which together provide 400 HP of power.

Electric SUV tests also for Mitsubishi, with the e-Evolution Concept, in which the innovation can be seen straight away with the front: the Dynamic Shield design, which introduces the black grid covered by glass. The pronounced angle of the tilted windshield creates a futuristic side profile, while the three electric motors and the artificial intelligence system radically change the driving experience.