Make-up Trends: the Charm of Red

Autumn becomes warm and luring with the subtleties of the red, rust and orange colours, thus rendering a trendy and iconic look.


1. Rouge Allure Ink, 170 Euphorie, Chanel. 2.Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge, Dior. 3. Gloss Interdit Vinyl, 12 Rouge Thriller, Givenchy. 4. KissKiss 325 Rouge Kiss, Guerlain. 5. Grand Illusion Glossy Liquid Lipcolour, It’s Just Candy, Mac.

1-2. Le Vernis, 638 Profonder e 636 Ultime, Chanel. 3. Dior Vernis, Hot 531, Dior. 4. Le Vernis, 11 Cosmic Night, Givenchy.

1. Les 4 Ombres, 308 Clair Obscur, Chanel. 2. 5 Couleurs, 537 Touch, Dior. 3. Le Prisme Yeux Quatuor Midnight Skies, Givenchy.