Famous Knots: the Tie by E. Marinella

E. Marinella ties are all about the best of Neapolitan craftsmanship, class and tradition.


Sometimes, to go on a journey through time and history, you just need to step into a small shop. This can be said of the historic E. Marinella tie shop, that overlooks the beautiful Riviera di Chiaia in Naples. A small miracle occurs every day at 6:30 am: the store, which covers barely 20 square metres, opens its doors to offer customers a truly special experience with its round windows, period furniture, and a wardrobe that can be used as a dressing room. Inside, it is as if everything stopped in 1914, the year when Eugenio Marinella, with his love of British fashion, opened this tailor’s workshop to bring a piece of London to Naples. Ever since the shop first opened, precious silks from England have been hand-printed exclusively for the Neapolitan brand and then made into the famous ties by skilled local seamstresses. Today you are welcomed in this charming and elegant room by Maurizio Marinella, who represents the third generation of the founding family. He has inherited his grandfather’s and father’s passion for style and attention to the quality of original materials, and he treats you with warm hospitality that never borders on the intrusive: before helping you to find the tie that suits you best, he offers you a coffee and sfogliatella. The ties “Made in Naples” by Marinella, symbolic of Italian excellence and available in four iconic patterns, were exhibited at the Moma in New York as part of the exhibition Items: Is Fashion Modern?
(Oct. 2017-Jan. 2018). In May 2017 another small dream came true: the E. Marinella brand, with branches all over the world (Milan, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong), opened its first store in Via di Campo Marzio 9/A, Rome, near the Italian Parliament and the “centre of luxury” of Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina. It is the fourth store in Italy, after the historic shop in Naples and the two stores in Milan, inaugurated in 2003 and 2014. «The opening of the store in Rome is a source of great pride for us, as it represents the ultimate destination of a journey that further increases our ties with our beloved Italy». With these words, Maurizio Marinella confirmed how, even in the capital, you can breathe the same atmosphere that he breathed as a child, together with his grandfather Eugenio, in that small workshop. He can now also count on the support of his son Alessandro, the fourth generation of the family, who is learning the trade at his side.