Piazza di Siena 2018

This year begins a new exciting chapter of the historic international horse race in Rome, which returns… green.

The history of the Concorso Ippico Ufficiale in Rome commenced in 1926, however Piazza di Siena had hosted its first equestrian competitions as early as 1922. From this point forth, in the historic ellipse of Villa Borghese, extraordinary Italian riding events have been staged.

Like last year, the 2018 edition is sponsored by FISE and CONI and will also focus on protecting the park’s environment. It is no coincidence, thus, the decision to restore the surrounds of ​​the piazza to its original condition, as it was conceived at the end of the 18th century by Prince Marcantonio IV Borghese. The restoration of the grounds of green grass that, in 2007, had been replaced with silica sand and rubber mats, are proof of this. In May (from 23rd to 27th), the setting will be sensational.