The Green Is the Place to Be!

At the Olgiata Golf Club, sport and nature come together in a spectacular setting.

Visiting the Olgiata Golf Club is a little like stepping into history. Olgiata dates back to the eighth century B.C. when it was home to the Etruscans, whose astonishing feats of engineering, such as tunnels and caves, can still be admired today. Centuries later, the delightful little medieval village of Isola Farnese was built on the ruins of Veio, the last vestige of the glorious Etruscan civilization. In late Fifties, the fairy-tale nature of this green oasis on the Cassia seemed like the ideal location for a new golf club.

And so was born the Olgiata Golf Club, universally recognised today as one of the most beautiful and prestigious golf courses in the country. Inaugurated in 1961, it was subsequently redesigned by the American architect Jim Fazio, becoming a state-of-the-art facility capable of hosting major national and international competitions. The club offers two separate courses: the older, 18-hole West course, and the more recent, 9-hole East course. The most distinctive feature of the club lies in the fact that no two of its 27 holes are alike.