Roman Holiday

Rome is a city renowned for its history and also its good food. From Colosseo to the unbeatable “bucatini all’amatriciana”, it’s all unforgettable!


What do travellers do when they choose to visit the Eternal City or find themselves in Rome for work? We asked Stefano Corbari, general manager of M.I.R., a Roman tour operator specialised in tailor-made stays.

Who are your customers and how have their demands changed over time?

«We deal with incoming tourism, meaning we book any type of service for individuals, couples or groups. The requests have become more and more targeted recently, especially since those who require basic services tend to be self-organising. However, those who seek out an industry expert want full and specialised assistance, and a 100 percent guaranteed competence».

What are the trends at the moment?

«The great classics that never go out of fashion (Vatican Museums, Colosseum, etc.) are still at the top of the list, but in Rome the possibility of “original” tours is almost infinite. For example, you can organise a dinner in an exclusive location with breathtaking views of the Imperial Forums, or visit one of the many private residences of noble Roman families. There has been an increase in requests for foody tours over the last few years. In addition to tastings, the food and wine experiences also include visits to local markets, often followed by actual cooking classes where typical dishes are prepared using the products purchased during the trip. It’s a way to get closer to local specialties and food in a more active manner. Then there are the tours of the most important boutiques, bike rides along the Appian Way or Segway trips around the streets of the city centre».

Do you offer weekend or single day mini-tours in neighbouring regions for those using Rome as a base?

«Yes, and it’s a very popular option among our clients. The most sought-after regions are the ones that are easily reachable from the Capital, so Tuscany, with Florence, San Gimignano, Pisa and Siena, and Campania, where Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast are always highly requested».

What are the features that a top level stay absolutely need to have?

«I would say perfect organisation. In terms of services, there should also be an excellent guide and perhaps dinner at a carefully selected restaurant, because our gastronomy is a key point in the success of a trip to Rome and to Italy in general».