Casina Valadier: a Perfect Dinner with a View

Casina Valadier, the nineteenth-century elegance 
that dominates the Eternal City.


Immersed in the splendid gardens of Villa Borghese, Casina Valadier confirms the dream of the architect from which it takes its name, who renovated it in the first half of the nineteenth century as part of a larger project involving re-organisation of the Pincio. Giuseppe Valadier thought of transforming the pre-existent seventeenth-century building into a place of refreshment for intellectuals, artists and travellers, like bistros in France.

And even now, Casina Valadier, with its refined neoclassical system, dominated by the elegant exedra with its Doric columns, continues in its vocation as a worldly, exclusive meeting point, and offers itself as the perfect location for any type of event.

Its current management, which is entrusted to the Montefusco family, who owns the Radio Dimensione Suono Group, has given the facility a sophisticated, glamorous look, enhanced by spectacular scenographic lighting composed of 150 projectors that follow the architectural lines of the villa and the gardens. A precious casket of timeless beauty, which is also confirmed by the interior, a succession of frescoed rooms, whose recent restoration has brought its ancient splendour into the light.

The three floors of the building, which are well-kept and furnished, are ideal for hosting any type of event, from the party for a few close friends to the most sumptuous celebrations. The Vista Restaurant, the Chill Bar and the Caffè del Pincio, along with the beautiful rooms are spread over three floors and fitted with wonderful terraces, offering even more breathtaking views of Rome, and a unique ambience.

The gourmet experience, which is never closed, is entrusted to the creativity and elegance of the Executive Chef Massimo D’Innocenti, in whose hands the kitchen, which is strictly Italian, is transformed into a genuine voyage for the senses.

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