Salone Margherita: Burlesque, Music and Opera

The historic theatre offers refined and sensual performance, combined with a fine dining experience.


The name takes us back in time, to the “Belle Époque” and the glamorous cabarets with a luxurious and sensual atmosphere, namely “burlesque”. Light, carefree shows set to dimmed lights and soft music, sipping champagne, like on a beautiful film set more in a fantasy world than in reality.

Yet all this really exists. In Rome, a few metres from Piazza di Spagna, the Salone Margherita returns to the splendour of the Café Chantant inaugurated in the same place more than one hundred years ago, in 1898. The historic theatre has maintained its refined and elegant character and here you can enjoy a few carefree hours, dining in prestigious private boxes on the top floor and also in the beautiful “Belle Époque” rooms that surround them for some shows.

Salone Margherita is the only theatre in Italy with kitchens and thus it is able to satisfy the most demanding palates with dinners prepared by prestigious chefs. Added to all this, is the “Burlesque Club”, the craziest vintage soirée you can imagine. A unique show, where the presenters, musicians and dancers are all strictly live.

This is a musical show of great intensity and rhythm, with beautiful dancers and incredible burlesque performers. You just have to let yourself go and enjoy the most exciting and engaging form of dinner show you’ve ever seen.